When Death’s Away

After the diaster with Al Capone and the Taxman (don’t ask), Cal Thorpe is experiencing Phantom Soul Syndrome. Then, if that wasn’t enough, he’s asked to stand in for Death while he’s on holiday. Things, as always, go downhill from there…


My name is Cal Thorpe. I can’t die. And now I have to stand in for Death while he takes his vacation.

After the disaster involving me, Al Capone, Chicago and The Taxman (don’t ask), I am now experiencing phantom soul syndrome. My emotions are haywire and I have an obsession with coffee. Then, my boss Death informs me that he’s going on vacation and I have to stand in for him.

Almost as soon as he’s gone, Life asks for my help collecting a soul. Only, this soul doesn’t want to be collected. Now I’m going on an adventure that crosses the mortal realms to try and find this soul with Life nagging in my ear. Between Life, my temporary duties as Death, and the rush that collecting souls brings, I should have known this would be far from easy.

I should never have agreed to be Death’s proxy while he went away. Because of course, things went downhill from there…

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