The Order of the Owl

Baily Duane is a professional gofer for hire. Need someone to catch your cat? Check. Do laundry? Check. Fetch a manuscript that seems to travel through time while being followed around by a Knight of the Round Table lookalike and a grumpy FBI minder? Well, that one might be harder.


My name is Bailey Duane, and I have the best—and strangest—job ever.

I am a professional gofer, which means if you need someone to release chickens in an airport terminal to stop your beloved from getting on a plane, I’m your girl. Fetching drycleaning? Check. Game night buddy? Check. Giving everyone ridiculous nicknames? Double check.

Only, when I get hired by a guy I call Fred and his stick-in-the-mud colleague Gawain to retrieve a document that seems to have gotten lost in the mud of history, things definitely do not go as planned. For one, I’m stuck with a minder from the FBI to make sure I don’t break any laws while travelling around the world. Also, no one seems to be giving me accurate information about this document or the other people after it. And finally? I’m being pulled through time itself on my search for this missing manuscript.

Now, with a Knight of the Round Table lookalike at my side, competing with the FBI agent for Annoying Travel Companion of the Year, I’ve got to jump around time trying to find this book, before the competition finds me.

Just this once, I might be in over my head.



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