The Long Way Home

After working with Death as his marketing agent, Cal Thorpe never thought he’d see his family again. When Life and Death interrupt a photoshoot, though, he’s informed that there’s a problem with his cousin, Baz. Things, as per usual, go downhill from there…


When Death hired me to be his marketing agent, I never thought I’d see my family again. Turns out, I was wrong…

My name is Cal Thorpe, and I am a Reaper. After the debacle with the Fae, things slowed down enough for me to actually focus on my real job. Marketing. Only, right in the middle of a photoshoot for the best coffee ever, Life and Death appear and tell me that there’s a problem with my cousin, Baz, and I need to go home immediately.

Apparently, my cousin accidentally woke up one of two super powerful forces keeping the magic of the mortal realms in check. Now, the giants are planning on going to war against their enemies, the angels. I have to stop them without tearing a hole in the fabric of reality. Oh, and my cousin lives with my mom.

As it always is when family and work collide, things went downhill from there.

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