The Forsaking of the Blind

Ravenna leads the Stormbringers to war. But the aftermath might be what ends them all. Davorin, the Mad King, is out for blood. Lenore, his queen, wants only to protect her people. Miska battles with the magic inside him. The true enemy, though, is standing tall through the battles to come.


The Stormbringers are flying to war. But are they prepared for what the aftermath might bring?

Ravenna has spent the last moons preparing her people for war, and now it is time to fly. She knows that this is right, but facing Davorin has consequences that not even she could predict. Reunited with Miska, with Lenore, Ravenna realises that things are not the same s they were in the time she was away, and they may never be again. Was bringing the sylphs to war really the right thing to do? Or has she doomed them all?

Miska rides to the Red Desert, a sorcerer against an army. He has no doubts that what he’s doing is necessary to free his people, but how can one man stand against Davorin and his army? Miska discovers that he is perhaps not as alone as he thinks, but when he comes to understand the true stakes of this war, his magic might be all that stands between his people and destruction. The price of that magic is higher than he could have ever imagined.

Lenore is married to a madman. Davorin’s magic grows stronger and his mind weaker. When the sylphs arrive to war, Lenore dares to hope that her travails may be over. She must come to accept that the world can never go back to the way it was, and that her place in that world is not as strong as it was. Lenore will face the truth of her decisions and move forwards into the new future, or all will be lost.

The war was inevitable. The battle is far from over…

The Forsaking of the Blind is the epic conclusion to The Wing Cycle trilogy, a fantasy adventure featuring magic and dragons and people who stand tall despite everything they face.

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