The Crow and the King

Crow is a blacksmith in search of a new home. A chance meeting brings Crow to work in the royal forge and befriend the Crown Prince Alexander. But Crow is hiding her gender and her past. Will her secrets break apart this new life she has forged?


Crow is a blacksmith apprentice without a master. A chance meeting on the side of the road leads Crow to Jek, the royal blacksmith, and everything changes.

For the first time in a long time, Crow has a place to belong, and a friend in the form of Crown Prince Alexander. The two make an unlikely pair, a man destined for the throne and a slim youth happy to work with fire.

There are secrets that Crow is hiding though, including a shadowed past that the world has forgotten, an affinity for the mysterious sword fighting style from the East, and the fact that while Crow might look like a boy, he is a woman, hiding her gender in an unkind world.

The Crow and the King is a tale of adventure and friendship, of learning to reconcile with the shadows of the past, and of finding love in the most unexpected of places.

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