The Circle of Fifths

Cal Thorpe has his soul back and is struggling to deal with the extra emotions. When he is accidentally summoned in Death’s place to assist a punk band, he has to figure out how to break their curse. Things go quite downhill from there…


Just when I thought my day couldn’t get worse, I am accidentally summoned in Death’s place…

My name is Cal Thorpe, and I am in the middle of learning to live a life after the return of my wayward soul. My emotions are a mess and I will start weeping at the sight of an empty bowl of popcorn. Then, my cousin Baz and I are accidentally summoned by a punk band who managed to get their hands on a recipe for summoning Death. Now, they want my help to get rid of a curse lingering at a music festival. Before I can protest, Baz agrees and I’m stuck helping out a band with really terrible music.

While investigating this mess, I discover that there’s more going on than just a simple curse. And it would appear I’m at the centre of it all. Someone’s out to get me, and if I don’t undo this curse, then it won’t just be me in harm’s way, it will be a whole lot of innocent people.

As always, things go downhill from there.

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