Speaker of Words

Inspector Maddox Dawes ia just trying to get through the day when a mysterious message flashes across the screens of the Republic: Nehrun tai hanen. Now he has to track down the mysterious person behind these messages, who might also be behind the fractures that are starting to show in the Republic’s facade. But how can you know if the world is broken if you don’t know what broken means?


The world is broken…

Inspector Maddox Dawes of Kyper Central has one more month until retirement. One more month, that is, until a group of rebellious dissidents to the Republic start painting a mysterious message across the screens: Nehrun tai hanen.

No one knows what it means, and the computers have been hacked by the rebels, erasing any trace of their doings. Dawes must work with the only language expert in the Republic to determine just what these rebels are saying and why. The answers lie shrouded behind layers of politics, an influx of the drug Dreamscape, and the leader of the rebels, Ske’toa, who always seems two-steps ahead.

The world is broken. But how do you go about fixing the world if the words to express its wrongs don’t exist?


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