Silent is the Sword

Elyria Trevain is a scribe who spends her days bathed in silence. When the man she loves is kidnapped, she ventures into the world of forgotten magics, dead gods, dreams of angels, and perhaps most terrifying of all, a past she longs to forget. What she learns is that nothing is as it seems, and her silence may be her strongest weapon.

Coming 13 August 2024


Elyria Trevain is shrouded by silence and surrounded by books. She speaks only to those she trusts implicitly, using the signed language with the rest of the world. Her life in the Great Archives is full of quiet and the whisper of paper and ink that her scribe magic controls. It is a quiet life. A good life built upon the ruins of her past. 

Until one day her city is attacked and the man she thinks she loves is kidnapped.

Elyria volunteers to go after him, knowing that the path will take her to the childhood home she swore to forget. Accompanied by a mysterious cat who speaks to her of books and magic, she ventures into the world beyond the Archives. Into a world of forgotten sorcery rediscovered. Into a world of dead gods and a tormented angel that fills her dreams. Into a world where her silence is not just a shroud, but a weapon.

Silent is the Sword is an epic fantasy where the forgotten past is rearing its head, where magic takes hold, and where love crosses memory and magic to keep the world from burning.

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