“I am the saviour of this realm, the mortal realm, and the void. If you doubt my power, then I will remake this world until all who live in it are safe. Until those who long for more are held to account. Until the weak and the strong are equal.”

Book II of the romantic fantasy duology, In Memoriam. The dramatic conclusion about a goddess made new, a war to save the realms, and a love that burns.





I bound the void to save the world, and in doing so, opened up the gateway for the forgotten gods to return.

I was named the Chosen One, Astraea, a Fallen Star. I was none of those things. I was a nameless goddess, formed by earth and by fire to do exactly what I did and bind the void. Because of me, though, the world I had grown to love was in peril from ancient and hungry gods.

I needed an army, one willing to stand against primal forces of the universe. What I got was a band of humans blinded by their devotion to me, an uncertain alliance with the queen who had once tried to use me, and the guardian of the Fallen Star. Who held my heart and who could not possibly return my affection.

I was not his Star. I was nobody, with no past, no skill in battle, and no idea what I was truly about to face. But face it I would, because this was my world, and I would not see it fall.

Resurgence is the second book in the romantic fantasy doology In Memoriam. It features a newly born goddess who must fight for her future, a war with ancient forces, and a love that burns.




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