“In the midst of a vast empty place where my memories should have been, I had only that knowledge. I was the Chosen One. I would save them.”

Book I of the romantic fantasy duology, In Memoriam. It features a star that fell, the Chosen One, and the void she faces.


I woke to a world on fire.

I woke with no memory of how I’d been burned, where I was, even who I was. I was told that my name was Astraea and I was the Chosen One. I held the legacy of a Fallen Star in my hands and was destined to protect the world from the encroaching void. 

Prince Devereux and the Void Runner Casimir tasked themselves with helping me prepare for the battles that lay ahead while the queen and High Priestess try to use my power for their own gain. But with magic that is more wild than useful and no skill for fighting at all, I’m not sure what I can do against the dark creatures of the void.

They told me that I had magic bright enough to slay monsters, strong enough to make the earth tremble. They told me that this battle was in my blood, that I need only to stand and fight. They told me all of this, and more.

I remembered nothing. Only that I woke and the world was on fire. And that my invisible past stands in the way of my destined future.

Remembrance is a dark romantic fantasy about a Chosen One who doesn’t remember who she is, only that the stars have determined her destiny, and that the things she’s been told are not always what they seem.





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