No End in Sight

Cal Thorpe is Death’s heir. While on a quest for Death, his mother and girlfriend get captured by dragons. Now he has to rescue them and fulfil his quest. Things, as always, go downhill from there…


My name is Cal Thorpe, and I am, impossibly, Death’s heir.

My first task as his apprentice is to rescue the other Grim Reapers who have been trapped by the Fisher King in a land beyond the dragons. First, though, I have to have dinner with my mother. When my mother, the last Knight, learns of my impending quest, she invites herself along so she can sort out her issues with the dragon. And somehow, my girlfriend, the djinn Neja, comes, too. This won’t end badly at all.

Now, with my girlfriend and my mother in the custody of the dragons, I have to figure out how to fulfil my rescue mission and get my family back without disrupting the entire world order as I do so. Only, potential allies keep leading me astray, and I’m tired of the endless side quests this simple task has produced.

It’s time for me to show the world what Death’s heir can really do. Naturally, as always, things go downhill from there.

No End in Sight is the tenth and final book in the urban fantasy On Behalf of Death series. With dramatic adventures, a complete misinterpretation of Arthurian legends, and a main character who was content to just be a marketing agent, this book is a finale to a snarky, witty, entertaining series.

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