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Cal Thorpe knew working for Death as a marketing agent wouldn’t be easy. But when he is sent back in time for relationship coaching to Life and Death, he seriously considers updating his contract. Things go downhill from there…


Acting as relationship counselor for Life and Death was not in my job description. Then, I got sent back in time to fix the problems before their relationship fractured apart…

My name is Cal Thorpe, and I work for Death as his marketing agent. Mediating between Death and Life’s marriage was never in my job description. I did my best until we met up with Death’s cousin, Time, at the theatre. Time decided I should try and fix the problems between Life and Death before they started, so he sent me backwards.

I ended up in Florence in 1494, right in the middle of the Renaissance. And one of the first people I met while there? Niccolo Machiavelli.

Add in a half-giantess named Charlotte, her time travelling journalist companion, and the fact that Death lost my soul and nothing about that trip began as I expected. Still, I had a job to do, and if I ever wanted to get back to the future, I needed to fix the problem before it even started.

Things, naturally, went downhill from there.

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