A Party of Certainties

To fix the lack of his soul, Cal Thorpe is currently hosting the spirit of Al Capone. When he meets Death’s cousin, the Taxman, at a party, Al Capone reacts. Badly. Things, naturally, go downhill from there…


My name is Cal Thorpe. Death lost my soul. Now I have to borrow a new one…

After losing my soul, I won the temporary use of Al Capone’s soul in a poker game. Then, I could finally get back to normal, doing things like my marketing job, planning Death’s family reunion, and throwing a stuffed pepper into the face of The Taxman. As reparation, I—with Al Capone as a ride along—have to do a job for the Taxman as reparation.

That job? Getting a Faerie turned mobster to pay his back taxes. In Chicago.

Now I’m carrying around the soul of a dead mobster with a grudge against The Taxman while trying to unfreeze the Faerie’s finances by reconciling him with his not-quite-ex wife, outrunning the Feds, and getting killed more than once by rogue wish magic.

Unable to die and stuck with Al Capone’s soul whispering in my ear? Naturally, things go downhill from there…

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