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You can never get a cup of tea large enough or a book long enough to suit me. - C.S. Lewis

Silent is the Sword

Elyria Trevain is a scribe who spends her days bathed in silence. When the man she loves is kidnapped, she ventures into the world of forgotten magics, dead gods, dreams of angels, and perhaps most terrifying of all, a past she longs to forget. What she learns is that nothing is as it seems, and her silence may be her strongest weapon.

Coming 13 August 2024

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“In the midst of a vast empty place where my memories should have been, I had only that knowledge. I was the Chosen One. I would save them.”

Book I of the romantic fantasy duology, In Memoriam. It features a star that fell, the Chosen One, and the void she faces.

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“I am the saviour of this realm, the mortal realm, and the void. If you doubt my power, then I will remake this world until all who live in it are safe. Until those who long for more are held to account. Until the weak and the strong are equal.”

Book II of the romantic fantasy duology, In Memoriam. The dramatic conclusion about a goddess made new, a war to save the realms, and a love that burns.




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The One Who Could Not Fly

For generations, sylphs have lived isolated from the rest of the world. When Ravenna, a sylph with wings too small to fly, gets captured by humans, she discovers that there is so much more to the world than she was taught. But as well as wonders, there are dangers, and she must face them or face the destruction of her people, and the ones she loves.

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To Never Hear the Song

Ravenna has returned home, leaving her lover Miska, and friend Lenore behind so she can prepare her fellow sylphs for war. For the first time, the sylphs are seeing her as something more than weak, and she must rise to the challenge. If she fails, it will mean the end of her people, and perhaps the end of the humans she loves so much, too.

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The Forsaking of the Blind

Ravenna leads the Stormbringers to war. But the aftermath might be what ends them all. Davorin, the Mad King, is out for blood. Lenore, his queen, wants only to protect her people. Miska battles with the magic inside him. The true enemy, though, is standing tall through the battles to come.

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The Innocence of Death

Death hires Cal Thorpe as his marketing agent. Only, Cal gets roped into a whole lot more than he bargained for, including a feud between Life and Death. Things go downhill from there…

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Knowledge Aforethought

Cal Thorpe knew working for Death as a marketing agent wouldn’t be easy. But when he is sent back in time for relationship coaching to Life and Death, he seriously considers updating his contract. Things go downhill from there…

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A Party of Certainties

To fix the lack of his soul, Cal Thorpe is currently hosting the spirit of Al Capone. When he meets Death’s cousin, the Taxman, at a party, Al Capone reacts. Badly. Things, naturally, go downhill from there…

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When Death’s Away

After the diaster with Al Capone and the Taxman (don’t ask), Cal Thorpe is experiencing Phantom Soul Syndrome. Then, if that wasn’t enough, he’s asked to stand in for Death while he’s on holiday. Things, as always, go downhill from there…

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Mischief, Mayhem, and Shakespeare

Cal Thorpe ran to Life in an attempt to prevent becoming a Reaper. Now, trying to come to terms with his new abilities, he’s dealing with petsitting Death’s furbabies. Things go downhill from there…

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The Long Way Home

After working with Death as his marketing agent, Cal Thorpe never thought he’d see his family again. When Life and Death interrupt a photoshoot, though, he’s informed that there’s a problem with his cousin, Baz. Things, as per usual, go downhill from there…

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Miss You When You’re Gone

Cal Thorpe, Grim Reaper and marketing agent for Death, is invited to the coronation for the new rock troll king. Only, his assistant Yolanda was exiled from the rock trolls and Cal is determined to help her. Things, unfortunately, go downhill from there…

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Me, Myself, and I

Cal Thorpe is on a journey to find his missing soul. When a run in with Death’s mother has him split into three, he has to figure out how to put himself back together. Three Cals? Things definitely go downhill from there…

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The Circle of Fifths

Cal Thorpe has his soul back and is struggling to deal with the extra emotions. When he is accidentally summoned in Death’s place to assist a punk band, he has to figure out how to break their curse. Things go quite downhill from there…

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No End in Sight

Cal Thorpe is Death’s heir. While on a quest for Death, his mother and girlfriend get captured by dragons. Now he has to rescue them and fulfil his quest. Things, as always, go downhill from there…

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The Order of the Owl

Baily Duane is a professional gofer for hire. Need someone to catch your cat? Check. Do laundry? Check. Fetch a manuscript that seems to travel through time while being followed around by a Knight of the Round Table lookalike and a grumpy FBI minder? Well, that one might be harder.

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The Crow and the King

Crow is a blacksmith in search of a new home. A chance meeting brings Crow to work in the royal forge and befriend the Crown Prince Alexander. But Crow is hiding her gender and her past. Will her secrets break apart this new life she has forged?

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Speaker of Words

Inspector Maddox Dawes ia just trying to get through the day when a mysterious message flashes across the screens of the Republic: Nehrun tai hanen. Now he has to track down the mysterious person behind these messages, who might also be behind the fractures that are starting to show in the Republic’s facade. But how can you know if the world is broken if you don’t know what broken means?

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