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In Memoriam


Remembrance is the first book in the romantic fantasy duology, In Memoriam, about a Chosen One who doesn’t remember who she is, only that the stars have determined her destiny, and that the things she’s been told are not always what they seem.

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On Behalf of Death

10 Book Series

My name is Cal Thorpe, and I work for Death…

I was hired by Death to be his marketing agent. It seemed straightforward enough at the time. Then, I was pulled into the magical world of Elsewhere and given a strangely cheerful rock troll assistant named Yolanda before being shoved face first into chaos. 

There was that murder that Death insists he didn’t do. Then Death’s cousin Time dragged me back into Machiavellian Italy where Death lost my soul. Add in pet sitting Death’s crazy pets, dealing with Life’s everchanging moods, taking over for him while he dealt with jury duty, and a distinct need for coffee, and you begin to understand the situation.

Nothing about my life—er, afterlife—of working for Death was normal, but certainly I never expected things to be this abnormal. Almost as soon as I stepped in the door, I knew my world would never be the same. Of course, things started going downhill from there…

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The Wing Cycle


The Wing Cycle is an epic fantasy trilogy that battles sylphs and humans, magic and forgotten tradition, and the love that cross all boundaries to save everyone.

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Song of Ink

Epic Fantasy Series

The Song of Ink is an epic romantic fantasy series that follows Elyria Trevain, a scribe who can hear the song of ink and is bound by silence, as she encounters forgotten magics, dead gods, dreams of angels, and more. As she discovers the true power of her silence.

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