Dream Vacation

Dream Vacation

As the lockdown continues, it seems like an ideal time to talk about my dream vacation. That is, a vacation that I dream about because I cannot go anywhere and also because I’m right in the middle of several projects that require, you know, writing. 

We’ll start with the weather.

Honestly, where I want to be depends on what the weather currently is. Right now, the temperature is warm, it’s drizzly, and the plants are finally greening up. This is—to my current mindset—ideal. So I should like to be someplace where there is a similar climate. This tells me I need to go back to the UK.

(Having spent a great deal of time there, I can honestly say that I would probably end up in Scotland again, but that I should perhaps visit more of England. So England it is!)

Next, let’s look at things to do.

I’m a terrible tourist. I don’t take bus tours. I don’t go from place to place with the express purpose of visiting monuments or destinations for their tourist appeal. I usually pick a spot and stick to it for the duration of my stay. Part of this is because I hate having to deal with driving (here or abroad) and also because I just don’t enjoy touristing. I like to walk around a spot, get to know all the quirks and the nooks and bookstores. I will happily spend all day journeying around on food just to end up at a bookstore or spending several hours in a cafe. All this being said, there are always things I like doing and having around.

Places to walk are a necessary aspect. So are places with good food. And preferably a bookstore. And internet. 

Given that I’ve basically just described most of the world (but we’re sticking with England), I might as well pick a spot I’ve never been.

Dover. Hastings. 

Alright, works for me! 

Granted, I can’t actually go anywhere at the moment. And I don’t have plans to travel until November (book conference). Not to mention I don’t like flying, it’s expensive to stay for a long period of time, and I really do have many, many projects to be working on, I don’t think I’ll be taking this vacation anytime soon.

That’s why it’s a dream, right?

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