Spring Cleaning

Spring Cleaning

Wow, goodness! Life definitely got away from me this last month. I have been so busy doing about seven different things at a time. In summary, I:

  1. Finished Knoweldge Aforethought, which is Book Two in my On Behalf of Death series. It sounds creepier than it is. The series is about Death’s PR agent, Cal Thorpe and his adventures trying to figure out his new job. This series won’t be published until probably next year, but I’m still super excited to be working on it!
  2. Delayed The One Who Could Not Fly. I was meant to publish that on the 29th of February, but that was delayed due to unavoidable issues in my editor’s family. I’m hoping that this book–book one of the Wing Cycle Trilogy–will be out within the next couple of weeks, but we shall see.
  3. The usual marathon book reading/reviewing. Because I can’t seem to stop reading and I might as well review what I read. 🙂
  4. Author Interviews, as per usual. Super fun to do, these are a great way to connect with people in the writing community
  5. Everything else, because you can never have too many things to do/write about. (I wrote a list and have about ten ideas for novels that I will be doing in the next few years. So, yeah. Never without ideas!)

Given how busy I am, and the fact that this isn’t likely going to change anytime in the future, I have decided that I need to get organised! Which means… well, a bunch of stuff, I guess. My to-do lists are going to be more thorough and probably indicate what is more important. My calendar is going to be much more detailed. My daily routine is going to be a bit more precise. All of these things, plus the general spring cleaning of the house (because that always helps), will hopefully make things much easier on me.

As always, this is a learning process and I am enjoying it thoroughly! There are so many things to understand and to change and to figure out. It can be a challenge, because there’s no one way to do something. But I think enjoying it is half the battle. And I’m definitely enjoying myself.

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