The Clock Ticks

The Clock Ticks

Okay, okay, I’m a little late with the February update. Whoops! Basically, I had intended throughout the month of January to do a whole bunch of new things: podcast, Patreon, many videos (though that’s not new) and so forth. I still want to do many of those things, but I have come to the realisation that I really just want to keep writing. These other things are distractions. Good distractions. Fun distractions. Useful marketing distractions. But I’m a writer and so shall write.

So here’s what the plan is going to be:

  1. Patreon – I will keep the Patreon page open for the future, but I think it probably prudent that I just leave it be. Writing short stories, doing podcasts, art, everything else is just a touch too much with everything else I’m trying to do. I will still do these things, just not to the schedule I had originally planned.
  2. Podcast – Since I enjoy this so much, I will still keep doing the Black Thumb Society radio drama/audiobook podcast. I will try to stick to my bi-weekly schedule, but that may be every three weeks instead, depending on my schedule.
  3. Saturday videos – These are the things that have really slowed me down. I am more than happy to do the book review videos and author interviews, but that Saturday writing video take a whole lot more time. So these will be merely at my whim.
  4. Book reviews/author interviews – I shall keep doing this every week (Quips blog and video) and enjoy them thoroughly
  5. The books – I have so many to write… So many ideas and more coming all the time. This shall not slow down in the slightest, I would imagine

That’s the general update for now. I will go back to doing this blog weekly, though on Fridays not Tuesdays, and give you updates on The One Who Could Not Fly, my other books, and everything else as I have them! In the meantime, keep writing and keep reading.

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