New Year, New Plan

New Year, New Plan

As you may know, I’ve had more plans for this new year than just writing books (though that is still the most important bit). These include things like weekly blog book reviews over on as well as a radio drama, Patreon page and more. I’m also trying to market Speaker of Words better by using AMS ads. And there’s books to be launched!

All of that being said, this blog is no longer going to be a weekly blog. It will be monthly, with other updates as interesting and important things will happen. In each blog, I will be giving you the highlights from the month before as well as what to look forwards to in the next month. So, without further ado, let’s see what’s coming up!

  1. Patreon – My Patreon page is where most of the exciting things are going to happen. I have a monthly short story, early access to my radio drama, exclusive art, behind-the-scenes information on my world and characters, and more. I will be updating Patreon before I update anywhere else, so look out for that!
  2. Quill and Pen Society – This is where I’ll be posting information about the resources that I’ve found to help market/publish books, as well as my weekly book reviews (though I will still be doing video reviews every Wednesday).
  3. The One Who Could Not Fly – Final edits for book one of my fantasy trilogy are underway! Then there will be cover reveals, maps, book printing, mild panic as the release date of February 29th comes closer, and more. But honestly, I’m SUPER excited about this book, and even more excited to share it with you

That’s what’s coming up this month! I hope you will stay in touch and I’m excited to share this journey with you.

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