Sleep? What is sleep?

Sleep? What is sleep?

Sunday night was about as sleepless as it gets. My dog ate something unfortunate (I don’t know what) and was having digestive issues during the night. Normally, she doesn’t bother me, but that night, she kept running in and out of my room. Grumbling, I got up, let her out (at 2:30 in the morning) and then returned to bed.

Whereupon my cat decided that it was time to drink water out of the bathroom faucet. She has this weird tic where she doesn’t like drinking still water because that is boring. Instead, at regular points during the day, she demands to be put on the bathroom counter and the faucet turned on so that she can drink water. Well, let me tell you, I was not going to give her faucet time at 2:30 in the morning.

The yowling ensued.

After she gave up on that, she decided that it would be fine to snuggle with me. Only, I was trying to sleep and that wasn’t good enough. So for the next four hours, I tried to sleep and the cat tried to snuggle next to the places required for breathing. That went about as well as you could expect.

At this point, the dog charged back in the room. I got up again to get her out and then went back to bed. No such luck. The cat demanded (again) faucet time and snuggles.

So yesterday was basically me running on three hours of sleep and it didn’t go well. I think I was crazy-face the whole day. I did manage to take a nap, but that relief only lasted a short while. After that, I was exhausted, probably ate too much sugar and went a little loopy.

I have a feeling that everything I wrote yesterday was a little incoherent. I’m sort of afraid to look and see, though. That will have to wait until editing.

So far, today has been relatively normal. Here’s to hoping the universe takes pity on me.

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