October Comes

October Comes

It is finally October! It is finally fall. This means that I have a very long list of things to do. I may be able to wear longer sleeves, drink warm drinks, and snuggle with my kitty, but I also have about 100 things on my to do list they need to desperately get done. So today’s blog is going to be an update telling you all the things that are coming this October and telling you what in the world is going to be on my mind.

First, I have a book launch coming in about two weeks. Speaker of Words is going to be published on 17 October and I am very excited. Speaker of words is going to be available in both hardback and paperback format as well as an e-book, and honestly I am still doing the happy dance whenever I think about it. However, this also means that I have rather a lot of things to do regarding the book launch. I need to contact book reviewers to see if they would like to read review my book. I have to make a launch day video — I’m going to have huge amounts of fun with this one — and prepare some social media extravaganzas.

Then, I have a bunch of videos to be making. I am going to be starting a series on invented languages and how to make them, and incorporate them into your writing. I have a bunch of book reviews to do, as well as getting some of my author interviews up and sorted out. I am also going to be doing a video on making audiobooks.

Of course, I also have to actually write my book.

In regards to my books, the first book in my fantasy trilogy is about to be sent off to my editor for a February publication date. I am super excited about that one, too.

Then, there are the non-writing related things that I am involved in this month. One of which is Inktober, a drawing challenge that requires me to draw an ink picture based on a theme every day of the month. I am going to be doing this as an art challenge, and also as a writing challenge. The writing challenge requires me to write fifty words on that prompt every day of the month, instead of drawing it. I’m going to do both. Possibly because I’m crazy. Of course, that requires me to reschedule lying day so that I have time to draw and come up with writing material for this challenge. It is definitely going to be difficult, but I think it will be great fun. Even if some of my drawings are just comics.

I’m also going to be traveling near the end of the month to visit family for a few days. This be great fun, but it means that I’m not going to be getting nearly as much writing done as I would like. This, of course, comes just before the start of NaNoWriMo, which I intend to be doing. With a book that is not the one I’m currently writing. This means that I would very much like to get the book I’m currently writing done before November, but I don’t know if that will happen, so I will do what I can and possibly be working on to writing projects come November.

Did someone say I’m crazy yet?

I think I’m probably forgetting something, but that list gives you a pretty good idea what I’ve got going on for right now. So I’m going to go ahead and start tackling some of that… But first, lunch.

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