Those Pesky Little Admin Things

Those Pesky Little Admin Things

Ah, the pleasures of being a writer. I get to spend my time thinking of invented worlds and characters that can be as magnificent or as terrible as I like. I get to play with words. I get to edit my stories into polished perfection. And… I get to do those pesky little admin things that are required when doing a business.

Sorry to ruin your illusion.

Today’s docket includes filming a book review video for next week, writing the script for this Saturday’s writing video (should have done that last week) as well as getting it all set to film. Bonus points if I can script out two weeks’ worth of videos. Oh, then there’s the editing of said films. And reading other books for review. Getting all of my business documents into one place. Making sure that my social media presence is relatively active. Figuring out how best to market Speaker of Words (coming soon!). Getting the final pieces polished on that. Updating my website (desperately needed). Dealing with projects that are going to be launched in the new year.

And I have a haircut.

This post isn’t going to be a long one. I’m not going to expound on how nice it is to be organised when dealing with administrative work. I’m not going to talk about how necessary it is when trying to manage being a writer as a business. I’m just going to say that this is the reality. It is absolutely necessary, it is occasionally frustrating, and if I don’t get started on it right now, my schedule for today is going to be a bit off.


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