I feel so official!

I feel so official!

This last week, after I managed to catch the twenty-four hour bug and then do away with it, I did something interesting. Well, perhaps not interesting to everyone, but it was certainly interesting to me. I registered a DBA sole-proprietor company. Tarney Brae Creative Endeavours (yes, it is spelled with a “u”) is official! All of my business will now take place under this DBA. Though, it is mostly going to stay in the background and won’t matter a whole lot for the work that I’m doing, I’m still rather excited. This feels like I am actually moving forwards in my career as a writer.

On top of that, I am now officially recognised as an author on Goodreads! I have been trying to figure that out for a good long while and it finally went through. Now, Speaker of Words is on Goodreads and I am recognised as its author. This, plus the preorder page on Amazon is really quite exciting. I am about two months out from my launch date and things are moving in the right direction!

The third thing of interest that I have to share is that I received a couple of author copies of Speaker of Words yesterday! All of my work has been leading to this event and holding those books in my hands was something spectacular to behold. The paper was actually there, not a dream. The words, the cover, the formatting, all real. It was probably the biggest event in making me feel like a real author. (I also carried one of the books around all afternoon, just to hold it. That’s normal, right?)

All of this hard work has come to fruition. I still have a whole lot of work ahead of me. The marketing will never end. The writing of books will never end. I am constantly making connections with fantastic people and that, I hope, will never end. But I can say that for right now, I definitely feel like an author. I’m going to hold onto that feeling.

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