The World Did Not End

The World Did Not End

I have this theory about the days of the week. Most people hate Mondays more than the others because it signifies the end of the weekend and the beginning of the work week. For me? It’s Tuesdays.

Here’s how it works:

Monday – you still have residual energy from the weekend. You do have to work, but for me, I am usually more productive on Mondays.

Wednesday – you are halfway through the week! Friday and subsequent weekend celebrations (such as the book sitting on your nightstand) are only a couple of days away!

Thursday – almost there! Almost there! Almost there!

Friday – freedom!

And then, there’s Tuesday. You have none of the residual weekend energy. You are not halfway there. In fact, your week has just barely begun. You don’t have the productivity that Monday brings. Tuesday is like an armoured behemoth, come to suck your energy and your will power. Usually, though, you stand up to it and make it through.

This Tuesday? Not so much.

I just got back from travelling to visit family and bring a car back to other family. It was almost two weeks of visiting, driving and so on. I had a backlog sorted out for all of my YouTube videos, social media, and the like so that I wouldn’t fall too far behind when on vacation. I got back to work on Monday and caught up on pretty much everything that needed catching up on. The rest, I figured, I would get on Tuesday.

That was a lie.

I caught the flu instead.

Yep. Yesterday was basically spent in bed either asleep or zoning out to mindless Netflix because my brain would start spinning the moment it saw text (because apparently images were fine?) and I couldn’t sleep anymore. I did one thing for work later in the afternoon when I felt a little better. And that was it.

That is why this blog is going up on Wednesday, not Tuesday. Why I’m still catching up on things that should have been done a couple of days ago. But that’s alright.

The world hasn’t ended. I’m still managing. And you know what? I am perfectly alright with having to have taken a sick day. I’m behind, sure, but my body apparently needed the extra day off. Sometimes this happens after travelling (though it’s usually a cold, not the flu).

This week, Tuesday kicked my tail. But you know what? I’m going to be back in the fight for next week.

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