Making a Book Trailer

Making a Book Trailer

As you may know, I have been getting Speaker of Words ready for publication. If you don’t know about Speaker of Words, go check out its page! (I’m so excited, I keep doing the happy dance at random moments, much to the annoyance of my cat.) In getting Speaker of Words ready, I have been doing a bit on the YouTube end of things. That means character sketches, descriptions and, most recently, a book trailer.

Okay, so the book trailer won’t come out until this weekend, but let me tell you a bit about the editing process. And why it has taken me ten times as long to make a one minute, forty-two second video than it does for a thirty-five minute author interview.

First off, there’s the mood. This is supposed to get readers in the mood for my book, to showcase its style and its theme. That requires music. Now, I use, a royalty-free creative commons music collection by Kevin McCloud. He has about every type of music you could possibly want and is one of the most used musicians in the world. His music is used by Hollywood types, people making commercials, just about anyone who doesn’t want to pay oodles of cash to use a well-known (or even obscure) song by an artist who requires a license and royalties. I spent, oh, a good two hours browsing through his music collection–and a small portion at that–to find the perfect song for Speaker of Words.

Okay, music, check.

Then, there’s the actual content. Usually, for indie authors like myself (and even some professionally done trailers), most book trailers only involve significant quotes, events, or a summary. It’s a teaser, a way to get readers interested in the book. Still, that involves figuring out what to put into the video. I also added character sketches, and some art done by NightOwl Freelance. Then, there’s my cover, which you usually put in at the end.

Between adjusting the music, adding transitions, titles, and pictures, making certain the colours were correct, changing text type, adjusting positions of words and what-not, I probably spent three hours editing this video.

And I’m still going to go tweak a few things.

Making a book trailer has been a somewhat frustrating process, because I am focusing intently on the minutiae. But it has also been a hugely educational process and a good deal of fun. I love learning new things and figuring out how things work. I liked being able to explore my editing program more thoroughly than I have done in the past. And, in all likelihood, I am going to be doing more complicated videos in the future.


Because for all the hard work, the end result is absolutely worth it. And I really do enjoy being a maker.

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