Fire and Focus

Fire and Focus

We have reached July of 2019! Basically, the year is officially more than halfway over, we are in the height of summer and… it’s really warm outside.

Okay, no, I don’t live in France where it is outrageously hot and people are dying (my well wishes to these people in the heat!) and you can’t go out in the middle of the day. But I do live in a place where it is consistently above 50% humidity (usually hovers closer to 80-90% humidity) and in the height of summer, it feels very warm.

What this means is that my daily walks are either put on hold or done at unusual times of the morning/evening. I still get out with my dog to do ten minute strolls about four times a day, and I still do my torture session on the stationary bicycle in the back room, but most of the time, it’s too hot to walk a couple of miles without burning and/or trembling muscles.

This also means that inside gets warm as well. And for me, as well as many others, this means I don’t sleep well and my appetite goes wonky. Basically, my normal state of mind is completely shot and my focus goes sideways.

For my job, focus is rather important. I have YouTube videos to script and film, author interviews to do, books to write, and Speaker of Words to get ready for publication, not to mention every other little task that takes up time. If I’m not focused, the things that I have to get done don’t get done and I have to do them the next day, which sets other tasks behind and basically ruins my schedule. But focusing in heat, with less sleep under my belt, and an appetite that doesn’t make any sense, is really difficult.

Most of the time, this can be solved by sticking to my usual schedule. That same discipline that gets me through my tasks on normal days helps a lot when my brain wants to do nothing but shut down. However, even that doesn’t always work. So what do I do? I shift my schedule.

I don’t move tasks to other days. No, I just move my time tables around. My morning activities are put off until after I go on a walk to avoid the heat. My afternoons, when things get bad and my brain really fights back, I take a break and relax a bit. Then, in the evenings, instead of relaxing, I finish up the things that I didn’t do earlier. Basically, I take a siesta in the middle of the day to combat the worst of the effects of summer heat. Sometimes it works a treat, other times, not so much.

Unfortunately, this frustrating state of being is going to continue until the weather changes and fall comes around. Then, I’ll hit my stride and my productivity will increase. And in the winter? You just wait and see!

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