For a Love of Stationary

For a Love of Stationary

In my life as a person rather obsessed with writing, writing materials, notebooks, and the like, I have gathered a lot of stationary. It used to be that I would have people to write, but they have either lost contact, died, or the Post Office refuses to acknowledge that I wrote their address correctly and sends the letters back to me. That hasn’t changed the fact that I really do love stationary.

I have been writing letters to myself as various characters, future iterations, past iterations and what have you for as long as I could write. I have found countless snippets of poetry and stories written on cards, in envelopes and just about everywhere I could stick a scrap of paper. I think there is something so wonderful about putting pen to paper and sending it off into the world, even if only in my mind.

Now that I am a professional indie author, I am brought back to my love of stationary. I have not been in a position to cultivate new letter-writing relationships for the past year or two, but I think it is time to start again. I should dearly love to be able to put my thoughts on paper and see what happens. I should love to exchange snippets of a story with someone and create something entirely unexpected.

And I think it’s time to search for those people.

Writing is about more than just getting these ideas out of my head. It’s about sharing them with the world. It’s about hoping that someone sees your words and understands them, and that they are affected in some way. I love writing. I love writing for people and I love hearing what other people write.

So, for the love of stationary, I’m going to go find someone to write with.

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