Making a Few Changes

Making a Few Changes

As I’ve settled in to my life as a full-time writer and entrepreneur-type, I have also started figuring out what works best for me as far as producing content goes. I have started doing YouTube videos twice a week (need to film this week’s Wednesday Reads) and am doing social media every day (excepting Sundays) in a bid to connect with the wonderful people of the Writing Community out there in the world, as well as spread the news about my books.

That being said, I don’t think that doing these shorter blog posts three times a week is a productive use of my time. So, I am going to change my schedule and do a blog post once a week on Tuesdays. These posts are going to be longer and are going to be topical to writing, books I’m reading/reviewing, and language. Some of them may coincide with certain events on my social media or YouTube, such as when I put out my Creative Writing 101 series starting in August or September. Or they may be closer looks into my books (get ready, Speaker of Words, time for some analysis!) such as behind the scenes looks or character profiles.

I think these once-a-week blogs will be more interesting and more useful. If you have any suggestions on what you would like to read about, please let me know! Otherwise, have a great Tuesday and try not to get too sunburned with this just-about-summer weather. 🙂

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