The List

The List

Ever since getting back from Edinburgh, I have been settling into life as a writer. I realised, mentally, that I would basically be starting a company and acting as the entrepreneur (entreprewriter?). What I didn’t quite realise was all of the things that go into that.

First off, there’s marketing. That is more than just posting a few things to social media and hoping people notice it. You have to have an active presence, interact with people, have something they want that you can offer, be that stories or snippets or interesting content or something else. I never thought I’d be making YouTube videos twice a week and yet here I am. I have to do campaigns for myself and for my books. I have to brand myself as an author. In the future, this will probably mean putting together a Patreon, and creating merchandise based on my books and my brand. For now, that means putting out consistent content that people associate with me. I have to design business cards. I have to prepare press releases for my book…

Which leads me into the second piece of this entreprewriter thing. My books. First, of course, I actually have to write the books. Then, I have to have them beta read, edited, prepared for publishing. This means putting together synopses, trailers, preparing snippets for release, branding, marketing, give aways, release parties… the works.

All this on top of everything else that comes with being a writer. You know, writing?

In essence, I have discovered a good many things that are necessary when trying to be an entreprewriter. It’s a whole lot different than what I expected. But you know what? I am really enjoying myself. This is a challenge I relish and accept with pleasure. I am having the most fun I’ve had in a while. I am eager to work on all of it, (though my favourite is always writing). I get to interact with some really fantastic people.

This is the life I chose for myself. It’s unexpected. It’s going to be difficult. I’m going to have to adapt as things change. And I wouldn’t choose a different life.

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