Settling In

Settling In

The move from Edinburgh was really tough. First, it was dealing with the packing of the suitcases, getting rid of things that wouldn’t fit/weren’t necessary here in the States, as well as cleaning the flat to the satisfaction of my letting agency (that’s a whole different story), getting to the hotel, sleeping not at all, getting on the planes, arriving in Toronto only to find that the last flight was cancelled and eventually driving home.

Basically, I spent all of yesterday jet lagged and unpacking. I’m still suffering the side effects of travelling (it’s really hard for me, harder than most) in that I am probably still slightly jet lagged and am trying my best to get settled in.

I have a good number of things to be doing, both in regards to writing (yay, edits!) and cleaning/organising after having moved back. There are projects to take care of and a whole lot of planning and work to do behind the scenes on the writing thing. Today, I have to deal with a bunch of admin-type work and get things planned out for the next few months, social media and YouTube wise. Basically, I’m running full steam ahead into this new life and am having a bit of an adjustment period. Nothing that cannot be sorted out, but enough to give me the gollymopes about how it’s going to look moving forwards.

Enough. I can do this. I have my darling cat at my side to purr away my troubles. I have access to food I haven’t had for months, I have resources here for everything. It is just going to take a bit of time to adjust. Okay, fine. I will adjust.

One way or another, this writing thing is definitely going to get off the ground. And you know what, even with the gollymopes, I am more excited about this than I am about anything I have been for a while. I am where I’m meant to be and I’m really ready to get working.

In the mean time, time for some tea.

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