Writing? No Idea

Writing? No Idea

This week is the week I am moving from the Very Yellow Flat back to the States. Basically, this means cleaning the entire flat (which took maybe an hour) and packing everything up. Since I haven’t collected all that much stuff, and the washing machine ate most of my clothing, I haven’t got a whole lot to pack. What I’m not taking back and wasn’t originally in the flat, I am giving to a friend of the family.

I thought this week would be relaxing and maybe involve wandering around Edinburgh for books or antiques. Turns out, those plans were completely wrong. I have been spending time with this friend of the family and going around to places like the Lewis Clerk Maxwell House, or the Rosslyn Chapel. This means that when I’m not packing or cleaning, I am touring around.

Writing, therefore, has been put completely on hold.

I guess I’m on vacation. How do you manage to get on vacation when you haven’t realised it? I have no idea. But I’m along for the ride!

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