I have finished my dissertation draft. I still have to edit it and the other two papers I wrote, but that won’t take more than two days. And it will be waiting until after my vacation. In essence, then, I am done!

I was less than excited yesterday, when I actually finished the writing. I have been so bored and frustrated with this assignment and program for so long that I never really got into feeling excited about finishing. I don’t feel like I’ve accomplished all that much, even though I know, technically, that I have. I feel instead that I’ve just ticked all the boxes that were required of me and am really ready to move on, thanks.

That being said, it is the next day, I’m enjoying not having to buckle down and write boring pieces. I’m even going to go celebrate by wandering around the botanical gardens.

I’m trying to enjoy my accomplishments. Some days are harder than others.

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