I need a vacation

I need a vacation

I have woken up too early for the last two days. Granted, it’s been for supposedly good reasons. Yesterday I had a gas inspection for my flat and the inspection was scheduled for the morning. Today, I have people coming to install a smart meter for my gas and electrics, with the window for the appointment being between 8-12. So I got up early and did all of my morning things. And have heard nothing.

But that’s just a matter of being tired. I can take a nap later and that will mostly be fixed. Mostly.

No, I am just getting really tired of this flat and my MSc. I managed to outline the rest of my dissertation yesterday (I outline schoolwork, which is probably why I don’t do it for fiction. Schoolwork is boring. Fiction is not). Today, I have plans to fill in that outline with complete sentences. I am intending to get everything but the last section written up. If I can do that, I will call it a successful day.


I am also really struggling to get started on working on my dissertation. Yes, I know I can do it. Fact is, I can probably get it done early and have a nice long space for napping later. I’m not incapable. I am bored. And procrastinating.

My mind wanders. I find myself taking many breaks in order to not go completely crazy. It’s all very frustrating.

What I need (want) is a nice, quiet vacation somewhere I don’t have to get out of bed before 8, where I can spend the whole day lounging around reading and the bed doesn’t dig into my skin, or the couch doesn’t smell like dust, or any number of things. I’d like a proper vacation. My brain tells me it wants a beach vacation, but that’s not in the cards.

On the bright side, I’ve got a few days planned in Skye this next week. I just have to finish my dissertation first.

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