Adjusting to a Standing Desk

Adjusting to a Standing Desk

I have developed sciatica. Honestly, it’s not that surprising. For the last almost nine months, my work space has been my bed in Edinburgh. Now, this bed has not been replaced in this flat for a very, very long time. I had put a memory foam mattress pad on top, but even that was insufficient. So I basically had springs poking into me whenever I sat.

So, sciatica. Duh.

Also, very annoying.

In the States, I have a standing desk that I used about half the time. Most of my long periods of writing were done on my bed, but it was a much higher quality sitting surface. Not to mention that I had a cat to purr away my pain (seriously, that’s a thing!) which helped. But I also had other options for when sitting became a problem or when standing got to be too hard on my knees.

Now, though, things are different.

I have sort of converted my bed-desk to a standing desk in my kitchen. It’s about two inches too tall and I don’t have an appropriate stool or chair to take breaks from standing while continuing to work. I have also worn out the arch support in my slippers (cause they’re old) so I have to be careful about standing still.

That being said, I have noticed an almost immediate improvement. My sciatica didn’t act up until late in the day yesterday, after I had been standing for about three hours. And it only acted up because I shifted my weight and twisted my hips in a way that aggravated it. (I have hyper-mobile joins and they do things they probably shouldn’t without my say-so.)

I did feel a bit of pain in my knees, but that went away as I sat for dinner. And my posture definitely improved (I don’t have terrible posture when I sit, but it’s very tempting to just slouch over).

So, I am going to spend my last few weeks here in Edinburgh adjusting to the standing desk. Unfortunately, when I get back to the States, I probably won’t be able to go back to sitting part-time while I write, simply because I have developed sciatica. Before, it was merely just discomfort for sitting still so long. Oh, well.

I’ll get a stool to take breaks, a mat for standing and a cat-tree so my cat can sit next to me and not on me. But this is a definite improvement. With a minor adjustment period.

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