International Women’s Day

International Women’s Day

If you didn’t know, yesterday was International Women’s Day. Now, in the past, I’ve never really been all that into the feminist movements. Despite what everyone says, it always feels like people are trying to promote women above men, not promoting gender equality. That’s not true for everybody, but for most of the people I’ve met in the movements, it feels that way. Mostly, there’s a lot of anger. And I really don’t care for that.

However, I’ve recently joined a group for Women Writing Fiction. It’s full of people who are actually supportive of one another and not trying to push themselves up at others’ expense. It feels a bit more friendly, a bit more what these things should be about.

(Actually, most of the writing communities I’ve found are like that, with people trying to support one another rather than compete with them.)

It was nice to see that these movements aren’t just about promoting oneself above others. That we can acknowledge the differences between one group and another without getting angry. That’s what these movements should be about. Equal, but different. Not anger, not revenge. Yes, past events were terrible, but there’s no need to blame those people now who are trying.

Anyways, I am unlikely to ever be an activist. I dislike confrontation and I prefer to discuss things rather than yell about them. But for once, I understood the point in celebrating.

So happy International Women’s Day.

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