Getting Closer

Getting Closer

I am at the point in my MSc where I am very much tired of academia. I will never be an academic in this modern age. There are many, many reasons for that. So, I won’t be going on to get my PhD. I’m okay with that.

I still want to finish my program. And I will. I have about two months until my classes are done, and another few weeks after that, I will have submitted both of my papers for class, done my exam and submitted a first draft of my dissertation. I am really quite close to the end here.

Just one problem: my motivation is dwindling.

I really want to be done. But I also am starting to care less and less about my program. I love linguistics. This program seems to be less about linguistics than it is about politics between academics. It’s frustrating, it’s patronising and it’s boring. Which is why I write so much when I should be doing school work.

I am planning on being a writer after I finish my program. I have all sorts of plans and story ideas and research to do for that. I’m excited for that. I’ve always been excited about writing. It’s the mean time I’m having a hard time with.

Oh, well. It must be done. So I will do it. The trick is going to be pushing myself to actually work on the papers rather than writing my stories.

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