Yesterday, I managed to write about 3K words on my current WIP, Cat’s Paw. That’s the most I’ve written on one project in one day in months. I’ve written about that much combined on multiple projects in one day (thank you, school, I guess) but not one project.

And for that, I am celebrating.

I am finally getting back into the grove of being a full-time (or pretty close) writer. That means the distractions from school and reading and whatnot fall to the side. I can sit and write for a goodly length of time and still enjoy doing it. I get many thousands of words down in a day.

I haven’t had that level of productivity for a long time. I can still get a full draft done in about three months, but that’s with going to school and doing school work, work work, and whatever else needs to be done. This heightened level of productivity brings me back to the days where I could get a full draft done in about a month and a half.

And you know what? I am super excited.

Also, doing a happy dance. And drinking tea.

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