One Little Change

One Little Change

Makes a huge difference.

Okay, actually, it’s rather a big change. Sort of. Basically, because of some bizarre festival/events thing that is happening this week at university, all of my classes have been cancelled. For the whole week.

I get a week off.

Yes, I still have work to do. I have the first part of my dissertation to take from “detailed outline” form to “complete sentences” form. I have a paper proposal I have to polish and submit. There’s an assignment for a different class that’s due in a couple of weeks’ time. But… I don’t have to go to class.

I can write at my discretion (provided I get my work done). I can choose to go out or not (mostly not). I don’t have to deal with academics. That, I think, is probably the biggest piece right there. Not dealing with the people at the university.

Not to say that the people are awful. Most of them are nice. But there is an undercurrent of the Ivory Tower and politics that goes along with academia. I am not going to be a full-time academic for the rest of my life. I am ready to move on and start my writing career properly. I have plans for my second day job (the one that will pay the bills initially).

I’ve also had some problems with living in Edina. Again, a great city, but not where I want to be for the rest of my life. But even this one, simple change of having no classes has made a very big difference. I don’t feel quite so encumbered and trapped. I may be in the same place, but I’m freer. (That does not look like a proper word.)

One small change and suddenly the world looks different. Better. That could also be the fact that Spring is here in Edina. Not quite sure.

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