Time for Wandering

Time for Wandering

Saturdays are normally my “catch up from the week and don’t bother with people” days. Occasionally, I will do nothing at all. But mostly, I just hang around and write or read.


It is also spring here in Edinburgh and I have itchy feet. Or spring fever. Cabin fever? Pick your favourite and that’s what I’ve got.

As such, I’m going out wandering. I’m not going to be exploring great British forests. Or ending up in a town somewhere outside of Edinburgh that I’ve never heard of. No, I’ll just be walking around the city and seeing what sort of people are around. I’ll take my laptop and write in a cafe with a mid-afternoon chocolate treat. I’ll people watch. I’ll find gluten-free goodies to bring back to the flat. Just a casual Saturday wander.

That means that I’m pushing back whatever writing tasks I have for today. I’ll finish everything tomorrow. It’s good to take a break every now and again.

So that’s what I’m going to do.

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