Some days, it hurts

Some days, it hurts

Metaphorically and literally.

I was going to write a nice piece about my weekend, how I went to the theatre to see Les Mis and ended up getting a surprise magic show the next day. How I got all of my scheduled writing done and am on track in terms of my dissertation. It was a pretty good weekend.

Then, my wrists started hurting.

So, this doesn’t have anything to do with how much I write. Or other strenuous activities I might be doing. This is to do with the fact that I have hypermobile joints and a family history of arthritis. Every so often, I get cycles of pain (mostly in my wrists) that make it very hard for me to get a whole lot of writing done without it hurting quite a lot.

I’ve had these cycles last for a day, I’ve had it where it lasts for months. It’s never usually that bad, but it does often last for about a week or so. Alright, fine.

Only… I’m on a schedule for writing some of these things. And for others, I just can’t envision going without writing. It’s my passion and my future career. (As soon as I finish my dissertation, that will be official.)

My solution, if you want to call it that, is to put on restrictive wrist braces and keep writing. If I position my laptop correctly, I don’t have to move my wrists hardly at all.

Anyways, so much for my light and happy piece. Instead, I am going to go read.

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