New Years Resolutions and I

New Years Resolutions and I

Here’s a thing you may not know about me. I don’t care for New Years resolutions.

Okay, I get that it’s the start of a new year and there are all sorts of exciting new opportunities to be had. I get that people may want to be sure they get the best of all of those opportunities. I also get that some people are realising that their habits and practises are making their lives more difficult. Resolutions stem from these sorts of things. I understand that.

I just don’t think that the start of a new year is the only time to make a change.

As far as I can tell, life happens all year. Those fantastic opportunities may come at you in May, or they may come at you in December. The changes that you need to incite may culminate in summer.

Don’t use the new year to arbitrarily decide that it’s time to make a change. Make a change or take opportunities because you see a need for it. Think long and hard about how to implement these changes or to take these new opportunities.

Now, that being said, I am all about making plans for the new year. A list of things that you want to accomplish or plan on doing in 2019? Great. Do it. But resolutions are different.

Me? I want to get Speaker of Words published. I also plan on getting Cat’s Paw fully rewritten and ready for beta reading and professional editing. I want to finish my MSc dissertation. I’m going to write more blog entries, do YouTube videos, interact with all the amazing writers and readers out there on various social media platforms.

These aren’t resolutions. They’re plans. Scheduled, planned out plans (pardon my redundancy).

If you want to make New Years resolutions, go for it. More power to you.

For me? It just doesn’t work that way.

Also, I remember that time is an arbitrary notion and that the concept of a new year is something that isn’t all that old, relatively speaking. Other religions and churches and countries use different calendars, which mean that their new year starts at a different arbitrary time in the year. So obviously the only solution is time travel. Or is that just me?

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