A Word About the Wonders of Friday

A Word About the Wonders of Friday

A Word About the Wonders of Friday

When you’re little more than a wee bairn – pardon the brogue – then the entire world seems to be made up of Fridays. Actually, I’m not even certain if I was conscious of a difference in days of the week, except the parents seemed to be slightly less occupied on the weekends. Every day is made up of playing with toys and friends, crafts, terrorizing the family pet and scheming to try and get cookies out of the cupboard.

Then, school comes and time shifts. Or, well, time actually takes effect. The days of the week indicate homework and the inability to have sleepovers because it’s a school night. Fridays include plans of sleepovers, how to get to a friend’s house after school and the possibility of staying up late watching movies. Also – no homework.

Ah, how quickly the world moves to revolve around the weekends. No more school, no more work, just the possibility of sleeping in and spending the morning being as productive as can be managed. Which, often, is not very productive at all.

I do not regret my less productive weekends at all. Sure, I could have done loads of things like cleaning and dusting and baking and riding my bicycle for the purpose of training for a marathon (unlikely). But I didn’t. I wrote, read books for hours on end, baked muffins, pet the cat, fed – I mean walked – the dog, that sort of thing. And all my detoxing from the rest of the week (which I refuse to call my ‘life’ for the simple fact that I find it dull) starts on Friday.

Fridays, oh, how I love them so. Sure, I still have to roll out of bed early enough to go through the routine of becoming presentable. I still have to go and participate in activities related to my – for now – college existence. Somehow, though, on Fridays I can manage to sit through tedium without too much fidgeting. I am soon to be free for a whole two days. I have the entire afternoon and evening to stay up late and eat chocolate if I so choose. I can write, I can watch movies, I can read books. And not a thought is spared to the existence of the rest of the week.

In essence, Fridays are a wonderful creation. The muscles in my shoulders can begin to relax and I can go take a nap.

I like Fridays.

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